Privacy Policy

We at Mobile Birdie are devoted to keeping your information and identity private. All information gathered by Mobile Birdie will be used solely for the purposes of distributing products, services, or web updates (newsletters) to end users of Mobile Birdie or for contacting the end user for future sales. Mobile Birdie will not sell, rent, or freely distribute any personal information acquired from anyone who has submitted information either online at our website ( For more information about our privacy policy, please continue reading.

Your information

In some cases, Mobile Birdie may need to gather your personal information in order to:

  • Contact you or reply back to an email or phone call
  • Fulfill an order placed by you
  • Process an order or ship product(s) ordered by you
  • Quote a cost for a product or service offered by Mobile Birdie
  • Send you newsletters related to Mobile Birdie products, services, or special announcements

If Mobile Birdie records any of your information for the reasons listed above or additional reasons not listed, your information will be held on one of Mobile Birdie' secure servers for Mobile Birdie use only. In rare instances when a third party must be given your information in order to continue the successful purchase of a product or service offered by Mobile Birdie, we will attempt to contact you before continuing the order. If an attempt to contact you fails, Mobile Birdie will authorize the order for you on your behalf and then attempt to contact you again. If an attempt to contact you fails for the second time, you will be notified that some or all of your information was used to process an order when you receive your purchased product or service. When you order a product or service from Mobile Birdie, your name, email address, phone number(s), billing information, shipping information and age (if below 18 years old) may be recorded.

Mobile Birdie and Cookies

In order for Mobile Birdie to identify who you are, our website uses cookies. A cookie is a text file that is placed on your hard disk drive by a web page server through your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) Cookies are not harmful to your computer and only assist in the process of identifying you and the products or services you're interested in. They also help keep track of your order while you are shopping but they do not keep track of any credit card or banking information. No viruses or programs which will harm your computer can be run by Mobile Birdie cookies. As soon as your log off of our website, your Mobile Birdie cookies will be deleted from your computer. For more information about Mobile Birdie cookies, feel free to contact us.

Mobile Birdie Spam Policy

Mobile Birdie is fully compliant with the Can Spam Act of 2003. If you order a product or service through Mobile Birdie, your email address may be added to our newsletter list. Our newsletters help inform our customers of new products, services, or notices by Mobile Birdie. Each person on our newsletter list may choose to not receive newsletters at any time by clicking here or by clicking on the appropriate link inside every newsletter. All newsletters sent to our customer database have the Can Spam Act logo and link to remove your name from our list. You may also update your name by logging into your information and changing your current file by clicking here. To read more about the Can Spam Act of 2003, click here.

What Is Spam?

Spam is email that is repeatedly sent to an individual who does not wish to receive it. One email to an individual is somewhat acceptable, however two or more emails to an individual is not acceptable. Any email that does not have a valid option to remove the receivers address from a person or company list, is not in compliance with the Can Spam Act of 2003.

Privacy Statement Enforcement

If you have questions regarding this statement, please feel free to contact us.

Privacy Policy Changes

If Mobile Birdie changes the privacy policy above, we will post those changes here where you can find and read them.